New Generation Online Banking

Kviku is a fast-growing leader in global Fintech since 2013

Our Story

10 mln client applications

Since our establishments, we have processed more than 10 mln client applications and have issued BNPL loans, Virtual credit cards, and Installment Loans totaling almost EUR 300 mln.

The first loan in 2013

We issued the first loan in 2013 and have since then developed cutting edge credit scoring and online identification technology allowing us to gain a solid footprint in every country of operation.

Fully online banking

Kviku is one of the fastest-growing Fintech lending groups globally. We position ourselves as a neobank which provides instant lending solutions to customers all over the world.

Geographical Coverage

Our key consumers products include: Virtual Credit cards, BNPL Loans and Installment loans.
Loan sizeup to eur 2 000
Loan term2 - 12 months
Loan sizeup to eur 3 000
Loan term6 months
Credit Card
Loan size up to eur 1 000
Loan term up to 1 year
GDP per capital ($)
Population (mln)
Internet penetration

Why us?

Diversified growth

We are focusing on product and geographical diversification with current presence in 6 countries across Europe and Asia

Innovative technologies

Our fully in-house IT platform and credit scoring models have proved its sustainability over the years and over different markets

Solid funding base

Our loan portfolio is financed by own funds and retail investors. We are also backed by institutional investors in Europe and Asia

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